Product Tag - 68 hose crimping machine

The 68 hose crimping machine has DX68 and HYT-68, they are budget-friendly model. and it is one of cheapest model. One word it can crimp hoses from 1/4″ to 2″. Moreover it comes with 10 sets of dies. This machine is great for crimping different types of pipes or hose. These include oil pipes, air pipes, water pipes, and cable joints. What’s more it can be also handle car air conditioning pipes, power steering pipes, engine oil pipes, and gasoline supply pipes. Plus, it’s useful for construction accessories and everyday hot water pipes. This machine is popular in many areas. You’ll find it in vehicles, engineering machinery, hydraulic machinery, and even welding and cutting equipment. It’s pretty versatile!

  • HYT-68 2 inches hydraulic hose crimping machine

    Name:HYT-68 hydraulic hose crimping machine
    Crimping range1/4 to 2 inches for 4 layers wire hose
    Crimping Force500T
    Motor Cap5 HP-3 Phase or 3 HP-1 Phase
    Motor materialcopper winding
    Tank Capacity40L
    Weight (N.G/G.W)250kg/275kg