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Finn-Power is a company that makes special machines called hose crimpers. These machines help to squeeze hydraulic hoses. They offer many different types for you to pick from.

Usually, Finn-Power’s machines are accurate, flexible, quick, strong, and simple to use. That’s why people love using them to put together hydraulic hoses. Each product is unique because of the machinery they use. Their new design even lets you use mobile equipment to work with the machine. How cool is that!

This hose crimper uses amazing technology. It does its job very accurately and quickly. It’s made to be strong and has controls that are easy to use. So, it works without any problems and can handle the hard work in today’s industries. Isn’t that awesome?

  • HYT-51N hose crimping machine

    Products namehose pipe crimping machine
    Crimper range6mm-51mm
    Largest pressure600T
    Scale accuracy0.02mm
    Numbers of dies10sets
    System rated pressure31.5MPa
    Optional voltage&motor220V/3kw
  • HYT-51F hose pipe crimping machine

    Products namehose pipe crimping machine
    Crimper range6mm-51mm
    Largest pressure600T
    Scale accuracy0.01mm
    Numbers of dies10sets
    System rated pressure31.5MPa
  • hose crimping hydraulic hose fitting press machine

    Model :HYT-51N CNC type
    Crimping Range : 1/4″ to 2″
    Working Voltage: 220V/50HZ Or 380V /50HZ
    Warranty : 3 Years
    Lead time : 3~5 working days
    Package: wooden case
    Tel/Whatsapp:  +86 18202619835